Benefits of saving at a young age

  • Allows you to save for things you really want such as a bicycle, CD, sports gear, computer etc
  • You can buy things with your own money
  • See your money grow with you by earning annual interest
  • Invest in your own future through a good track record of saving

How to open an Ellie Account

When opening an account, you must be present with your parent/guardian.

  • Your birth cert (you would have got one of these when you were a baby) . Your Parent or Guardian will have to bring their photo ID too.
  • Your address: e.g. ESB or phone bill in your parents or guardians name.
  • Proof of P.P.S. number – you got this number, which is unique to you when you were born. Your parents or guardian will have a record of this special number.

PLEASE NOTE: Money in a child’s account is the sole property of the child and no other person (including the parent/guardian) is entitled to use this money for his/her benefit. For withdrawal rights on minor accounts, please call us on 066 712 2373. 

Ellie in schools

Secondary Schools Credit Unions

We love working with our local schools and have a special educational tool called   Clued-In, which gives student life skills on Money Matters. If you would like us to talk to  your local school or youth group please call Siobhan on 066 712 2373 (ext 206) or email [email protected] .

Youth Events

Each year we host a number of  Youth Events, click here to read more:

  • Scoil Mhuire Killorglin
  • D51_0149
  • D51_0100
  • National Final - Spa National School Under 13's
  • National Final- gael Scoil Mhic Easmainn