PLEASE NOTE ! From October 17th 2019 we will no longer be in a position to open new Access Account for  members personal use. This service is being replaced by a NEW IMPROVED Current Account with a Globally accepted Mastercard Debit Card, which can be  used at any ATM and Point of Sale including online and contactless payments. 

If you already have an Access Account (and do not wish to avail of the new and improved Current Account) please note:

  • Your Access Account is separate from your Shares (Savings) Account, and does not qualify for a dividend or insurance cover.
  • Only sufficient funds to pay bills and make withdrawals should be in your Access Account. All other funds should remain in your Shares.
  • When setting up electronic payments for this Account, (Direct Debits, Bill Pay, Electronic Funds Transfers) please use your IBAN and Cara Credit Union BIC as these payments will be processed through SEPA.  For further details click here for SEPA
  • NOTICE: By 1st October 2020 we hope to switch our existing Access Account (ATM users) to our new Current Account (with Mastercard Debit Card) and now encourage existing members to switch over as soon as possible. As our new Mastercard Debit Card allows you to withdraw funds at any ATM at home or abroad, we are no longer issuing new ATM cards for our local ATM machines in Tralee and Castleisland. While every effort will be made to keep our existing ATM machines in operation, the machines themselves will continue to be serviced but will not be replaced should they require further investment to remain in operation. 

With your Access Account you can:  

Click on the Blue Links to OPEN. Click it again to CLOSE