Whether you are saving for a “rainy day” or to build up a track record to apply for a loan, regular saving is always a good idea. Saving is a habit and can only be taught by doing. Once you develop the habit it will stay with you for life.

It is not about how much you save, but about developing the habit of saving regularly. So that by keeping the habit going over time, your savings can add up to quite a lot. You can even start small by saving loose coins in our pocket, change in your purse. Every cent helps.

Savings in your Credit Union are called Shares. Each share you hold is equal to €1.00. To be a member you must have a minimum of €5.00 in your Shares (Savings).

The maximum funds guaranteed under the Government’s Deposit Guarantee Scheme is €100,000 per member. Under Cara Credit Union’s policy the maximum a member can have in shares is €40,000 and where a member has both a share and deposit account the maximum amount a member can hold across both accounts is €90,000.

Please note, the maximum daily cash withdrawal is €3,000.  For larger amounts please use electronic funds transfers, online banking or request a cheque.

For further information on Saving, Phone Cara Credit Union 066 712 2373 

Ways to save with Cara Credit Union

With Cara Credit Union you have a number of ways to lodge funds to Savings:

1. Call in to our branches in Tralee, Castleisland, Killorglin, Ballyduff, Causeway or Corca Dhuibhne. *

2. Use our Banking Kiosks (Tralee, Castleisland & Killorglin offices only) 

3. Use the E Stamp Balance (check if this is applicable to your account)

An alternative option to our Saving Stamps for short term saving.

4. Direct Debit from your Bank Account
To set up a Direct Debit, call to Cara Credit Union or Tel 066 712 2373.

5. Electronic Funds Transfer / Standing Order from your Bank Account
To set up an Electronic Funds Transfer / Standing Order, please contact your Bank with your Credit Union IBAN and BIC Code.

6. Online through your Bank’s Online Banking facility
Using your  Credit Union IBAN and BIC Code.

7. Cara Credit Union CU Online Banking and/or Mobile App
Transfer funds from your Credit Union Access “Current” Account to your Loan Balance.

8. Payroll Deduction, Paypath, Social Welfare and/or Pension. 
For further information, call to Cara Credit Union or Tel: 066 712 2373

* Please note: Lodged cheques will take 6 days to clear.


Important Members Notice

The maximum amount that any Member Cara Credit Union can have is a maximum of €40,000.

The limit for a minor is €10,000 maximum.

Please note that these limits are calculated to include all balances in a member’s sole name (savings, e-stamp and current accounts) and to include 50% of any joint account balances a member may hold.

Example: Member A has €30,000 in a sole account and €30,000 in a joint account,

This means that Member A has a total balance of €45,000 i.e. €30,000 (100% of the sole account balances) plus €15,00 (50% of the joint account balance).

Therefore, unfortunately Member A will have to reduce their overall holding by €5,000 with Cara Credit Union, to ensure that the €40,000 limit is adhered to.

A limit on savings is not a decision your Board of Directors and Executive have taken lightly, but is necessary given the current economic environment.

All affected members have been notified by post and by telephone call.

Why are we making these changes?

The business model of any credit union, including ours, is a simple one. We accept savings from our members to lend out to other members. Any funds not lent out to members are placed in investments. With the current rate of return on investments very low, many financial institutions are charging us to hold your savings on short term deposits.

In addition, the rate of savings has nearly doubled this year and as the rate of savings increase, we have a regulatory requirement to also increase our reserves. Regulatory requirement is 10% of total assets so for every additional €1m in savings, we must allocate €100,000 from our surplus/profits, to our regulatory reserve. Cara Credit Union is very well capitalised, far more than the regulatory requirements and is making this change to maintain that strength.

What does this mean to you? 

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, as we ask members with over €40,000 in their account (s) to reduce their balance(s) below €40,000. This limit is calculated to include all balances in your sole name (savings, access, e-stamp and current) and to include 50% of any joint account balances. When calculating how much to withdraw, please consider any frequent electronic payments that may cause your account to go over €40,000.

If you have frequent regular payments coming into your account with Cara Credit Union, you need to either (a) arrange that your funds are credited to another account or (b) withdraw a lump sum to allow your payments to continue being received by Cara Credit Union. We advise that you seek professional advice on how best to invest any surplus money, Irish Life Financial Services have a team of financial advisers ready to help get you started with your financial planning. Why not take the first steps in Financial Planning with Irish Life Financial Services by clicking here 

If payments are received which would increase a members share balance over €40,000,  Cara Credit Union will have no option but to return these payments.

The Board of Directors are reviewing this saving cap on a monthly basis and we are seeking your support to ensure the continued financial strength of Cara Credit Union. We have aligned ourselves with other similar sized credit unions to try and find a better solution other than implementing a savings cap, however, they will be no solution in the short to medium term.

To withdraw funds please sign up for online banking here and withdraw funds online. You may also visit us with your photo Identification (current Drivers licence or Passport) and withdraw by cheque or electronic funds transfer if you bring the IBAN and BIC of another financial institution.

Thank you,

Pa Laide