Logging in to Cara CU online


Online transactions will be processed until 12 noon on Christmas Eve. Any transactions done after this time will be processed on Friday 28th of December. 

Over the Christmas Period online transactions will be processed up until 3:30pm on Friday, Dec 28th and Monday, Dec 31st.

Normal services resume from Wednesday, Jan 3rd 2019.

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Please note the maximum amount of funds you can transfer online from your credit union account per day is €30,000.  

If your Loan Balance is greater than your Share Balance you are prohibited from transferring funds online. You can transfer funds depending on your Loan Balance at the offices of Cara Credit Union.


Once logged in, you can change the following:

1)    Your PIN that we sent you by post can be changed to another 8 Digit number.

2)    Your Password that you created to another unique Password that you do not use with other services.

To change your PIN and/or Password

Log In, go to “Personal Details” and click “Security Info”.

Remember you need your Username, PIN and Password every time you log in.

Alternatively click the blue links below for extra help.

You need your Username and Password every time you Log In. It is recommended that you use a strong, unique password for this service that you do not use with other services.

If remembering and tracking your passwords are an issue we would suggest that you use a password manager to securely store and generate passwords.